PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of popular battle royale game “Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds” and it is the most played game in INDIA, and there are so many pubg mobile players and streamers so you must be wondering about who is the best PUBG mobile player in India.

PUBG has created many E-sports player in INDIA it has also given a boost to the Indian gaming industry.

List of Top 10 Best PUBG Mobile Players praised in INDIA as of 2019

Note: All of them are non-Emulator players so don’t spam name of any emulator player here.

10. Ghatak Gaming

Ghatak Gaming

Abhijeet Andhare better known as Ghatak Gaming is a 28 years old PUBG Mobile competitive player for Entity Gaming.

Ghatak started streaming PUBG Mobile in Feb 2019 Apart from PUBG Mobile Livestream he also vlogs on his channel.

Ghatak along with Entity has won several tournaments like

  • PMCO South Asia
  • ESL 2019 INDIA

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Credit: Ghatak Gaming

9. Rav3n


Paridhi Khullar also known as Rav3n is the most admired pubg mobile girl gamer of India.

She is a professional R-sports player for Team 8bit and a Pubg Mobile streamer.

She started playing PUBG after recommendation by a friend.

Moving on the speciality of her which grabbed many eyeballs was her rush gameplay.

Apart from PUBG mobile she also streams GTA V.

And she truly is the best pubg mobile girl gamer of India.

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Credit: Rav3n

8. Experiment


Angad Singh Cahal is better known as Experiment is a Pubg mobile streamer praised for his go level bolt action rifle handling.

Trust me this guy can finish the whole game with just a bolt action rifle.

The experiment is a former member of “VOID” clan and currently plays under Team Soul.

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Credit: Experiment

7. Soul Viper

SouL Viper

Yash Soni also known as SouL Viper is a PUBG Mobile competitive player for Team SouL.

Viper started his streaming career on March 21, 2019, with Mortal and Owais.

He is so much attached to SouL that in one of his recent interviews when asked about leaving SouL and joining another team he clearly said: “SouL till Death“.

Moreover, talking about his gameplay he is the king of Two Thumb Settings.

He also has an insane game sense which he has proved in many intense situations.

Viper joined Soul in PUBG Mobile Season 3 leaving his former team RIP.

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Credit: SouL Viper

6. Ronak


Harpreet Singh Janjuha also known as Ronak is the former member of Team SouL and currently competes in Team Fnatic.

He is a Three Finger Claw PUBGM player.

Ronak left SouL in Aug with two other members keep reading for their names.

3 players leaving SouL also created a Controversy in PUBG Mobile Indian Gaming Industry.

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Credit: Ronak

5. Nova King

Nova King

Rahul Dhankhar also known as Nova King is a lethal gunslinger for his team and influencer for Entity gaming.

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Credit: Nova King

4. Owais


Owais Lakhani better known as Owais Op is a PUBG mobile competitive player for Team Fnatic and also streams PUBGM.

Along with Ronak Owais also left SouL.

And now they both play for Team Fnatic.

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Credit: Owais

3. ScOut


Tanmay also known as Sc0ut Op is an official E-sports athlete for Team Fnatic.

He was a former member of Team Soul.

In August along with Ronak and Owais, he left SouL.

After that audience started teasing him by sending hatred Super chats and at a point he lost his calm and said something which he wasn’t willing to say about Mortal or Team Soul after which it became a controversy.

Credit: Controversy Gamer

But now, everything is fine between Mortal and Sc0ut.

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Credit: Sc0ut

2. ThugLife


Animesh Agarwal also known as Thug is the team leader of 8Bit.

It is one of India’s best PUBG Mobile team and he is one of the best PUBG Mobile Player of India.

He is a Youtuber, Caster, Gaming Influencer Manager and a streamer.

Thug has some amazing set of skills in both TPP and FPP version of PUBG Mobile and that is why he is so much praised in Indian PUBG Mobile community.

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Credit: 8bit thug

1. Mortal: Best PUBG Mobile Player in INDIA


Naman Mathur also known as Mortal is India’s Best Pubg Mobile player.

His game sense is praised not only in India but all over the world.

He is a team member of Team Soul.

He started his youtube career streaming Mini Militia later he moved on to PUBG Mobile and boy oh boy he is ruling everyone’s heart.

Whenever you will hear Soul the first name attached to it will be Mortal he is the face of Team Soul.

His Calmness both in real life and in-game is something extraordinary.

He is also praised for his sweet and friendly nature and his famous slang “Kya bolti public”.

The video which caught the attention of a lot of audiences is “Every Pubg Player will Watch this”.

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Credit: Mortal

so these are your top 10 best pubg mobile players in India make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and comment down below if we missed anything.

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