Top 10 Best Free PC Games 2020 Edition that you must try before this year ends.PC games are a big deal in the Gaming Industry and there are not much free pc games which cope up with paid ones.

There are already a lot paid pc games like “PUBG PC” which are very popular around the
community but there are not many people who want to spend their hard-earned money on
games but that don’t mean that they can’t experience PUBG for free.

This list free pc games include games from different genres like the trending Battle Royale,
FPS Tactical Shooter etc. So, there is something for everyone on this list. And all of them
are ranked randomly.


Top 10 Best Free PC games 2020


Ironsight is a futuristic free-to-play FPS tactical shooter game from Aeria games. The game
is set in a post-apocalyptic world, It’s 2025, and two factions now fight for the control of
Earth’s last remaining resources: EDEN & NAF. Pick up a weapon and shoot your way to victory.

The game features a ton of futuristic weapons like drones etc. The game is more like “Black
Squad” which is another free-to-play tactical shooter game on PC, the loadout system,
maps and Player Models all look very same as Black Squad.

The graphics of the game is insane for a free PC game. There are tons of weapons that you
can upgrade and customize.

There are plenty of modes that you can try in-game, there is the tutorial mode, mission
mode, deathmatch mode etc. But the ultimate goal of the game is to secure natural
resources left on Earth, so hop into the server and start shooting.

PES 2020 Lite

eFootball PES 2020 is a football simulation video game developed by PES Productions and published by Konami.

PES 2020 lite is the limited version of PES 2020, in this game you have limited access to
modes and players. But it still has a lot of things to play around. There is a total of five
modes in this lite version.

You have an Exhibition Mode where you can play matches with ten official teams but the
number of stadiums are limited to only three, then you have an online mode where you can
play against your friend online or any random opponents, after that you have a full training
mode where you can practise your skills or learn skills if you are new in the game because if
you are a newbie you will have a lot of problem playing online matches.

There is also a full edit mode, and one other thing to keep in mind is that all the teams in
PES aren’t officially licensed which means some teams have different names than their
real name like Real Madrid has some different name but the players are the same.

The last mode is My Club mode, it is very much similar to FIFA Ultimate Team, basically here
you have to build a team from scratch, sign players, get agents and etc. and then play
online matches against other teams.

So, if you are a FIFA fan but can’t invest in it then this is the best pc game for you to try in 2020.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is a series of fighting video games originally created by Rare and published by Midway, Nintendo, and Microsoft Studios. The first-ever killer Instinct game was released in 1994.

Killer Instinct is the mixture of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 4, with a lot of moves which can kill your opponent in a blink of an eye, well, most of the fighting games are hard for players but they can be super fun, as you start learning games mechanics you can take down your enemy with easy combos.

Most of the fighting games don’t give many options to the victim – who is under the attack of combos, well, that is not the case with Killer Instinct it is best free fighting games for pc even in 2020 because tables can turn anytime, so both defender and attacker need to focus on what is going on in the game.

Other than combos there are ultra moves or finishers like Mortal Kombat which can only be used once in a while and if you land those ultra/finisher moves onto your enemy accurately then there is no chance that he is going to get up, some ultra moves take down enemies health to 1%, so you better watch your step.

There are many modes that you can try out, like Dojo, survival or exhibition matches but the one thing that killer Instinct lacks is “story mode” so if you were looking for a story mode fighting game then Killer instinct may disappoint you.

But other than that there are ranked matches or exhibition matches which you can play online with players and have fun. The graphics of the game are pretty much ok, it is like the 2D version of Street Fighter 4.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale released in February 2019, it is one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the market, Recently its new season, Season 5 is updated with a new legend and map changes.

This game is different from all other Battle Royale games like PUBG, Fortnite etc. because the pace of those games are slow and there is nothing much to do, you can only loot and kill the traditional way.

While in Apex Legends, the fights are intense, fast, you have different legends which have different abilities that you can use to outplay your opponent, at the moment of writing this article there are a total of 13 legends available in the game.

Each of these legends has three different abilities, tactical, passive and ultra. The latest legend in the game is “Loba” which is here to take revenge for his dad’s murder, so you see each legend have their own backstory about how they ended up in this arena – so far it has been the best futuristic free Pc battle royale games of 2020.

New Modifications

The game features two maps, “King’s Canyon” & “World’s Edge” well, King’s Canyon recently went under some rework and the new map is more amazing than before.

The graphics of the game is surreal, there are different tiers of loot available on the map all marked in different colours, you may find yourself playing this game all day long for many years because developers of the game are amazing they know what they are doing, they don’t just drop updates every week instead they keep the quality and quantity equal.

The game is said to be one of the best free pc games to be ever made. you have many weapons that you can try out, but the only thing that defames and creates hype at the same time for this game is “Leaks”.
Well, every time when developers add some extra game files to release through further patch notes data miners usually get their hands on them ahead of time and release it to the public.

CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), a game which changed everything for an FPS title,
from strategies to gun mechanics it gave rise to a lot of games.

In fact, at the time of writing this article CSGO is the topmost played game on Steam with
over 940,706 playing it currently, It is one of the world’s most famous game. Its free
version released in 2018 making it even more popular as many new players can join the game.

But with free-to-play, there were many difficulties that came along with it, like an increase
in number of cheaters and exploiters, but there was a system which separated new user
and old user matchmaking – PRIME ENABLE – well it wasn’t like new users can’t play
PRIME ENABLED Matchmaking, they only need to get to rank 21 in-game to get their PRIME pass.

CSGO is the game which is in the industry for two decades and still counting, there is no
game which can compete against CSGO.

CSGO Modes

It features a ton of maps and modes like Casual, Competitive & Deathmatch these are the
main modes but there are also other modes like Gun Game etc, In Competitive mode, you
will be fighting against an enemy team of 5 players each side to defend or either destroy
two bomb sites – A & B, you will have access to tons of weapons that you can use in your
defend, but one thing to keep in mind is that, apart from gun mechanics that you need to
learn there is one more thing in the game that makes it more interesting it is “Economy

If you don’t manage your economy well you will easily lose the game, so choose wisely,
In competitive mode, each loses and wins affects your rank and nobody knows how
exactly ranking system works in this game, there are assumptions but no one knows the
exact procedure while in casual modes none of it matters it is basically for practice.

So, if this is your beginning in gaming or you want to go pro then start from CSGO it will sharpen your reflexes and aiming which will help you in many other games also – no doubt it is one of the best free PC games 2020.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is the first every free-to-play game from Call of Duty franchise,
not only that CoD Warzone is also different from any other game in the franchise in a
lot of ways, like its player count, is raised to 150, unlike the usual 100 players.

Those 150 players are further divided into 50 teams of 3 players each, unfortunately,
there is no solo mode in the game, the map of the game have five different sectors
each featuring a lot of buildings and homes.

Unlike most battle royale games where you get to equip only one primary weapon – rifle or
SMG and one secondary weapon – handguns, Warzone gives you the advantage of
equipping whatever combination you want to use – two rifles or 2 SMGs, or maybe 1 SMG
and 1 Rifle, this feature also increases the variety of weapons.

Apart from weapons players can equip one tactical equipment, one lethal equipment
and field upgrade – ammunition boxes etc, One more thing that makes this game stand
apart from other battle royale games are there is no backpack system which means
every player will be able to equip the same amount of ammunition and armor plates.

CoD Warzone: Amazing New Feature

Now coming to the most amazing feature of CoD Warzone and what makes it one of the
best free games for PC 2020 is its new Gulag system – if you die for the first time in a
match you will be sent to Gulag to fight one vs one against another player, both of you
will equip the same weapons and perks and to whoever wins either by killing others or
capturing the flag will respawn parachuting his/her way down in the game.

And in case your whole squad gets wiped out then only one of you will get the chance to
fight in Gulag and revive the entire squad.

And also keep your eyes open for any cash, collect them and use them to buy equipment for
you and your teammates. It is best free Pc games 2020 release so far and is being appreciated all over the world.


Valorant is the latest game in FPS genre and it is also the world-famous Riot Games
first-ever FPS game. Suppose CSGO and Overwatch have a baby what it will look like?
well, the answer is Valorant, many players and streamers believe this but that doesn’t
mean that game doesn’t have any stand out features.

Valorant is the first every tactical shooter game from Riot Games and every streamer is
praising the game because how awesome it is.

The game features three maps and ten agents with each having their own set of abilities,
maps are Haven, Bind and Split. Each of these maps has three bomb sites unlike CSGO
which features usual two bomb sites, and Bind map also don’t have the mid area
which is said to be the most crucial part of any competitive map, instead of mid area
they have removed one bombsite which leaves the map to usual two bomb sites and
installed a two-way teleporter.

The game features a 5v5 classic search and destroy mode where the defending team
needs to deny the bomb plant or eliminate the enemy team and the attackers need
to plant the bomb and either destroy the site or eliminate the whole defending team.

Apart from all of these Valorant also features a ton of weapons to use and none of them
are Agent-based meaning you can use any weapon combination with any agent regardless
of his/her abilities.

Valorant is said to be one of the best free pc games 2020 and the upcoming best
E-sports title – read everything you need to know about Valorant.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a beautiful game with some of the best gameplay elements you will ever play.
The gunplay? Great. The abilities? Smooth. The game is really fluid at its best, and
absolutely an experience everyone should try.

Destiny 2 became more popular since steam made it free-to-play and players started
dropping in to enjoy the futuristic graphics of the game and to try out tons of PvP characters.

Who is this game best for? People who won’t devote their free time to it. People who will
pick the game up and put it down every so often.

On the casual front, Destiny 2 has a lot of content, especially for new players. There
are entire campaigns (you will need to talk to an NPC to activate the story mode,
it’s kind of hidden?) to play through, a lot of activities to run through countless times
until you get bored, and a lot of flavours of gear to farm for, both guaranteed and
RNG-based. If you are in no rush, Destiny 2 is an amazing game.

On the dedicated “hardcore” front, Destiny 2 has a lot of time sinks that will absolutely
burn you out if you try too hard. I’ve farmed basically every farmable gun the game has
to offer for a great role, I’ve done every raid bar 2 of the smaller ones, and gotten the
past 3 titles (Flawless, Savior, and Almighty).

I highly suggest you try Destiny 2 if you’re on the fence, but I also suggest you avoid getting
hardcore with it. Treat it like a game, not a chore. You can miss out on content and gear
without losing much in the long run. Like all good things, moderation is key in ensuring
Destiny 2 stays good for you.


Paladins: Champions of the Realm is a free-to-play online Hero shooter video game
by Hi-Rez. It is one of the top competitors of Overwatch, it features a lot of champions
with a lot of different abilities.

It is a classic 5v5 competitive shooter game where both the teams need to complete
objectives in order to win rounds, all champions have their own set of abilities but
you can upgrade those abilities through an extensive card system, whoever secures
the four points first wins the match.

You can also customize your characters from the coins earned during matches.

Paladins – Details

There are three different game modes: Siege, Team Deathmatch and Onslaught but the main thrust of the game is Siege mode, which sees two teams of five charge to the centre of a map and tries to hold an objective zone. While there’s a lot of nuance to the mechanics and conditions of play, the fundamentals are this – capturing an objective zone to spawn a payload earns your team one point; escorting the payload to the enemy base earns you another point; but if the opposing team manages to successfully prevent the payload from reaching their base within a set time, then they earn the point. First to four points wins the match.

Characters, or “champions”, technically have four different roles – front line; “tanks” made to take punishment and hold the objective – damage; made to dish out said punishment – support; primarily focused on healing – and flank; who are all about being sneaky-sneaky and harassing the enemy from behind. I say “technically”, because, even though that’s how they’re labelled in-game, most champions can bleed into a couple of roles to varying degrees.

One important thing to note is you can’t change champions once the match has started. So if you’re part of a terrible group of players who wouldn’t know how to create a decent team composition to save their life, then you’re kinda screwed and more or less have to endure a horribly unbalanced game where a team lacks any real cohesion and synergy. But to help with this to some degree are loadouts and items.

It is the “best free PC games 2020” alternative for Overwatch and you should definitely try this out.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a free graphic adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment.

The game follows a superhero imagination story of young boy “Chris”, This game is a prequel
of Life is Strange 2.

The graphics of this game is insane and super real, the graphics of this game speaks a
lot of the game, you can easily guess what is going around by looking around yourself
in the room, the game perfectly portrays a young child and his beyond reality imaginations.

The game features minimum characters Chris living with his alcoholic Dad and their
Neighbour, storytelling is super insane and features a great storyline.

There are many toys that Chris plays around with creating events from his imagination,
using his Dad’s beer can for snowball target practice or portraying water-heater in the
dark utility room as a monster to fight, Chirs can be seen enjoying the surrounding much time.

Much of the time you will be roaming around the house to find anything fun to do, one
time you will find a hidden treasure map which turns out to be a little cache of his mother’s photos and drawings.

All in all The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a lovely, sweet and memorable game for any age.

Best Free PC Games 2020 – FAQ

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