Tomb Raider is one of the most popular and biggest franchises of action-adventure games. After the latest installment fans have been growing curious about Tomb Raider 4 and what it would look like.

Lara croft’s Tomb Raider has been part of both movie lovers’ and gamers’ favorite lists.

In a span of the last 30 years, the British archeologist has managed to deliver multiple movies on her adventure to find out hidden relics and truths.

While Tomb Raider has yet to have an entry in the ninth console generation with the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, a new publisher for the franchise as well as new leaks may reveal what’s in store for the British archeologist.

Who are the new developers of Tomb Raider 4?

On May 3, long-time publisher of the Tomb Raider franchise Square Enix sold the rights to the series to Swedish company Embracer Group, along with three of its Western development crews Eidos Interactive, Crystal Dynamics, and Square Enix Montreal, for$ 300 million.

In addition to that, Square also shipped the rights to the Deux Ex, Thief, and Legacy of Kain franchises.

As both the Tomb Raider and the game’s developer team Eidos Montreal has been sold to another franchise, it is very much likely for them to continue working on the 4th installment of Tomb Raider, however, nothing is confirmed yet.

Next Tomb Raider: Story


However, there has been no confirmation of another installment of the Tomb Raider saga, rumours have already started to show up on the internet revealing the story.

Codenamed “Project Jawbreaker,” the game will feature a slightly older Lara Croft, in her 30’s, and a “grounded tone with fantastical elements.”

According to the leak Lara’s journey has, “reached tabloids and media, and has inspired a new generation of Tomb Raiders” that she will need the help of to tackle a “mysterious cataclysm.”

Although all of these details are just rumors the story seems to justify what could be the next phase of Lara’s life, she is older now and has been protecting relics.

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