Apex Legends season 4 teaser reveals Titanfall 2 Villian Ash to become a part of the game, Four months ago developers of the game promised a “pleasant surprise” for Titanfall 2 fans and this may be it.

This news got fire from one of the hidden clues in Broken Ghost quests and in the
teaser it talks about an evil simulacrum returning to the Outlands in Season 5.

According to all the information that we have on her, it turns out that she has
already been a part of the game, just not in form of collectables but as a legend
in the future world of Apex legends game.

Well, her shorter teaser was the part of Revenant debut trailer revealed on June 30
Revenant is a killing machine whose debut was also bloody and in his debut trailer
there was a 2 sec teaser of “Titanfall 2 villian Ash”.


Titanfall 2 Villian Ash debut?

One can spot her when Revenant turns on news channel just before leaving to hunt
down Loba’s parents and in that news piece we can see an image of Ash when
anchors discuss how Hammond Robotics, who design the robots, is facing “backlash for its controversial work.”

But, there are a some things that we need to know here first. Apex Legends takes place 30 years after the fiery conclusion to Titanfall 2, when [spoilers] Ash was killed by Cooper and BT on Typhon. That means she likely isn’t a figurehead for Hammond Robotics ⁠— she’s still buried underground after all… for now.

However, the image that we see on the news channel looks like it’s a reused image template from the Titanfall series. It looks like the one from multiplayer mode where players can equip customizable banners. One is called “Ashes to Ashes,” and depicts Ash directing Blisk’s Apex Predators in battle. It’s the same image that appears on Revenant’s screen in his reveal trailer.


Many players believe that this is nothing and it may be that devs were looking for
anything relating to “simulacrum” to run a news piece on the TV but this is not
how any developer works.

To reveal Revenant they created a whole story surrounding Forge a Fighter and
then assassinate him using Revenant just a couple of days before his release.
then there is a whole hidden storyline on Crypto in the game. And the latest
being Loba whose whole debut is based on revenge for his Father’s death.

And all these fine details don’t leave any gap to make us think that developers
used a picture for nothing and just a news piece. And also there are marks on
Broken Ghost quest rewards, “Ash”.

So there are two questions now, is Ash going to make her debut in-game? will she be a playable or non-playable character in-game? well, we will have to wait quite some time to know the answer to any of the two questions.

Moreover, Apex writer Tom Casiello admitted earlier this week. “The end of Season 5 sets up stories for Season 6,” he said. Could that mean Ash plays a bigger role next season following her reconstruction at the end of the Broken Ghost quests?


Unfortunately, we will have no other option than to just wait for any further official announcements from Respawn Entertainment.

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