Tips For Fortnite How to Win Season 8 solo.

If you are a casual player and has not been able to win any Solo FORTNITE game, and every time you returns to the game you just feel like you are a noob and every other player is far better than you so we got you a full Tip article on How to Win Fortnite Season 8 Solo.

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  1. Drop Location: First thing choose a low traffic Drop location where you don’t get into a gunfight at the beginning.  Try doping on outskirts so you stay away from instant gunfights this will owe you sometime to loot and get yourself a better pair of weapons. Always carry minimum of two shields.
  2. High Ground: Always try getting a high ground because being a casual player having a high ground advantage can help you win a firefight, try holding high ground as long as possible.
  3. Rotations: Always keep rotating around the map so you get yourself a better position, but be careful there might be some campers around you. In Fortnite Season 8 many players die after the first zone and at last you are left to fight with the people who are either actually good or they were just camping the whole match.
  4. Third Party: whenever you get a chance to third-party in the last zone do it because the other person is already hit and your one bullet might kill him.
  5. Zone: Always give the first priority to Zone because once you are inside the new zone you have one advantage and you can easily kill other players who are trying to make it inside the zone because they are taking damage from the zone.
  6. Headphones: Always wear a headset don’t play on speakers because listening to sounds can help you a lot for example you are inside a house and you heard some firefights outside then suddenly you hears someone coming inside your house and healing him up now the only thing you need to do here is jump on him with a pump shotgun or any other gun and he will die instantly because, First he is low on HP and second he is still unstable.
  7. Do not let any enemy get himself on the high ground.

We hope you get a VICTORY ROYALE from these tips.