Twitch streamer TimTheTatman recalls his awkward interaction with Connor McGregor from the Super Bowl 2019 event.


  • Twitch Streamer TimTheTatman was present at Super Bowl 2019 event and while being there he got a chance to interact with Connor McGregor himself.
  • The streamer addresses his interaction as awkaward and that it could have been a lot worse than that.

The 2019 Super Bowl event was a huge success which also had many Big Twitch Streamers
present there.

One of these big streamers was TimTheTatman, these streamers are also none less than any
celebrity, streaming in front of thousands and thousands of viewers – constantly watching you
that too live is not easy for anyone.

However, on his recent March 13 stream he recalled his awkward interaction with the
boxing champion Connor McGregor. He also met with other celebrities there but the
interaction with McGregor was super funny and he feels ashamed about how he

“I met Connor McGregor guys, and I’m not kidding,” the streamer said, and not one to keep chat hanging on a good story, he then explains the whole story about how he and MMA Champion Connor McGregor ended up in the same elevator during 2019 super bowl event.

“So on our way up, I’m thinking to myself, am I gonna try and say something to Connor McGregor?” Tim said recalling his thoughts that moment“Are you ever going to get the chance to say something to Connor McGregor ever again? Probably not.”

TimTheTatman interaction with Connor

After gathering all his confidence he finally decided to speak up, but it did not go
as planned. However, it could have been a lot worse than that.

“I was so nervous bro, and the only thing that comes out of my mouth to Connor is, like I’m an ogre living in my lair, ‘names Tim, big fan,’ like I just learned how to talk,” Tim said, obviously ashamed at his failed attempt at playing it cool. “I guess it’s not terrible, it could have gone worse.”

After his embarrassing story he explains how he now understands why his fans keep
staring at him and not come up to speak with him.

“It’s been flipped, where I see someone just staring at me, but what I’ll do — because I know the position you’re in — I’ll say something to you,” the streamer graciously added. “It is funny though man, it’s funny.”

If you have ever been to Tim’s live broadcast you would probably know that he
is already familiar with many celebrities and often have them on stream. But, he
also gets frozen while coming face-to-face which is pretty normal.

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