A TikToker is going viral after she reveals how she panicked after making a serial killer joke to one of Ted Bundy’s relatives.

The TikToker who usually posts by the name broccoliandmoxie, recently, shared a story about her first day of training as a waitress and how it turned out to be the most awkward moment for her when she made a joke about the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.

“When I was 19, I worked as a server and on my very first day, one of my coworkers came up to me and was like, ‘Hi, my name is blank and I’m going to be training you,’” she said in a viral video which has amassed a whopping 6.2 million views.

The TikToker said that his surname instantly clicked the Ted Bundy name in her head as his surname was also Bundy and she made a joke about it. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, I saw your name on the schedule. Your last name is Bundy. Like the serial killer. Ha ha ha ha ha ha,’” she recalled in the video.

She explained that the man just stared at her blankly for a moment before she apologized and said: “I bet you get that all the time. I bet that’s really annoying.”

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Later on, the same person revealed that surprisingly he and Ted Bundy was actually related to each other.

The TikToker was red-faced and uncomfortable and didn’t know what to say about the situation, but her colleague didn’t blame her. She added in comments: “It ended up being a funny story. He was my closest work friend at this job and was very kind about the whole thing.”

TikToker serial killer joke to Ted Bundy’s relative story

The former waitress’ awkward story stunned TikTok users, who couldn’t believe how awkward that moment must have been for her.

“That’s so wild to me. I couldn’t imagine keeping the same last name as my serial killer relative,” one user commented.

“Omg if this happened to me I would have apologized a million times & then quit right there on the spot. poor guy,” another wrote. “I would have quit immediately,” a third added.

While some other people also claimed to have met Ted Bundy’s relative.

“All Bundys have to be related. My manager is his great niece,” one user shared. “My high school teacher Casey Bundy is actually related to him too,” another one claimed.

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