TikToker itsmattyco fakes legal documents to make it look like he has been sued by British group Coldplay for copyright violation.

In a video uploaded by TikToker and Musician Matty Co, he shows a legal document showcasing that he has been sued by British Rock group Coldplay, accusing him for one of his songs that sounds similar to “Clocks” by Coldplay.

Following the document, he then plays both tracks simultaneously so that viewers can hear the difference between both tracks.

However, the viewers were quick enough to figure out that both songs sound nothing alike.

itsmattyco: Fake legal Documents

On March 15, 2022, Matty showed his audience that he had been sent a cease and desist from a “Capitol Music Group L.L.C.”

However, the only problem with this staged act was that there is no such company registered under the name Capitol Music Group in California.

The company Matt is trying to refer to is “Capitol Music Group,” which has never represented Coldplay, instead it was Warner Music Group being the company that released their song “Clocks.”

In addition to the band not being represented by “Capitol Music Group L.L.C.,” the “attorney” who “wrote” the letter told The Daily Dot that she did not send a cease and desist letter to the musician.


SOS: help me out everyone. don’t have the funds to fight this lawsuit in court and anyone can tell it’s totally a different song. #popmusic

♬ original sound – matty co.

“Help me out everyone,” the creator says in his caption. “I don’t have the funds to fight this lawsuit in court and anyone can tell it’s totally a different song.”

The short TikTok video which currently holds over 300,000 views soon caught the attention of many big music stars.

“This is a badly photoshopped alteration of a C&D letter from Jack Daniels. It confuses TM and ©, uses wrong fonts, and that’s JD’s address at the bottom,” one user commented.

“The author of the letter doesn’t understand the difference between a trademark and a copyright. Seems fishy to me,” an Attorney commented.

It is still unclear what the TikToker was really trying to do here, was he just trying to get some extra views?. We will update you if anything further adds to the story.