TikToker Elie Zeiler has replied to people comparing her with Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae in the best way possible.


  • People have been comparing the looks of TikToker Elie Zeiler with Charlie D’Amelio and Addison Rae.
  • Recently the young influencer got frustrated and had a very simple message for all those comparing her.

Elie have a humongous number of audience on all of her Social Media Accounts – including YouTube.

But, despite having so much social presence, most of her fans knows her for her facial resemblance with another TikToker Charlie D’Amelio.


This mysterious resemblance has caused some controversies in the past also – one time she had to shut down accusations made by fans that Charli has copied her dance moves.

These peoples still compare her with Charlie D’Amelio on a daily basis in her comment section and now some of them have brought Addison Rae to the mix.

But the TikToker had a very simple and best reply for those comparisons.

In a comment on a recent TikTok post, one viewer told Zeiler that: “You look like Addison Rae and Charli mixed together,” however, they were not expecting a response, but they got one.

“I look like Ellie Zeiler,” the TikToker commented. with thousands of fans liking the comment in support of her clap back.

She responded to another in a similar fashion too after another viewer said: “She went from Charli to Dixie real quick.” This time around Zeiler clapped back, saying: “Ellie. My name is Ellie. Please.”

Receiving a lot of comments comparing you with others must be frustrating for anyone and anyone can blast out on that but the TikToker handled it in a very simple way.

Although, these comparisons are not going to stop instantly but if she keeps giving them a “stop” sign they might ultimately stop at one point.

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