TikTok star Nessa Barrett “harassed” after her personal details including her parent’s details, her address and phone number leaks online, she calls out people “rude and weird” for harassing her.

Nessa has been one of the most controversial TikToker after she was accused of offending the Muslim community when she danced to the reading of the Quran.

However, despite receiving a lot from the community, she is still
growing every day, currently, she has over 8.8 million followers on
TikTok and 2.2 million followers on Instagram.

But, recently TikTok star Nessa Barrett was “harassed” after someone
leaked her personal details including her parent details online, and
leaking someone information online is illegal in the US and can cause
some serious trouble to the person in the target.


Sometimes these information leads to nowhere, but when a public
figure’s information leaks online it cause serious trouble just like
what is happening to Nessa, she has spoken out about the issue,
calling those who are invading her privacy and that of her family “rude and weird.”

TikTok star Nessa Barrett “harassed”

In a series of tweets posted on May 27, Nessa asked for people to “stop invading privacy,” adding that “my address has fully been leaked… and now people have constantly been banging on the door and taking videos.”


After that she also shares more information in her Instagram live
she says, she is now “stepping in” because now her family is also
involved in this.


“My home address has been circling around, my family has been getting harassed,” Barrett explained, She also confirms that, she wasn’t at home so fans who were visiting her would be disappointed.

However, showing up at someone house like this is not good, and
can end up in a bizarre situation just like December 2019 incident,
 where David Dobrik hit out at fans for showing up at his house,
every influencer shares the same emotion when someone show
up at their house without permission.

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