TikTok star Avani leaving hype house? is a big question among her fans and she finally responded to the rumour about her leaving the hype house in an Instagram post comment.

Tiktok star Avani is one of the biggest TikTok creators with over 19 million followers
and is a part of the most controversial/famous Hype house.

Hype House was one of the best teams at a time with many big app creators
collaborating to create content, but in the past couple of months there has
been so much drama that almost everyone has left the Hype House.

After big dramas like founder’s feud with Daisy Keech and D’Amelio sisters
leaving the house, the rumours believes that the next on the list is Addison Rae and Avani.


TikTok star Avani leaving Hype house?

One of her fans asked her about when she will be leaving the house in her Instagram post
which she replies with a sarcastic answer.

The TikTok star joked that the Hype House had lost much of its buzz as of late, and claimed that it was just called “the house.”


“It is now just the house” she added, referring to many of the popular creators who had left.

Well, it clear that 17 yer old TikTok star Avani is not leaving the Hype house soon
but it also seems that she is not happy with the house either, as of now she
doesn’t have any plans to leave the house which can be a piece of great news
for the hype house fans.

Apart from Avani, there is also one more TikTok star/Hype house member who
is in rumours to leave the house – “Addison Rae”, well it is on her whether she
wants to continue with the house or not, and there is no official statement from
her on this topic also.

She has over 34.2 million on TikTok followers and are continously growing.

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