TikTok has officially revealed Top 10 viral TikTok videos of 2020 which includes names like Bella Poarch and doggface208 in their year review list.

Bella Poarch was obviously going to be in the list because of her explanation on “how TikTok saved my life”
this year, however there are other content creators also who have entertained us this whole year despite
everything going on in the world.

Without wasting any more time lets have a look at the ten most viral videos on the platform in 2020.

List of Top 10 Viral TikTok videos in 2020

10. Hartyt’s goose “throws it back”


TikTok videos are mostly people dancing on songs because of which this genre has a huge competition and
if you want to stand out from others you need to do something different/unique.

And no one can do this better than Hartyt, he brought his goose into the fold to dance for the camera.
Currently, this video has earned itself 18.3 million views and 3.3m likes.

9. Julian Bass becomes your favorite superheroes

Julian Bass is known for his unique and smooth transitions to become a multitude of his favorite heroes, including Ben 10, Spider-Man and a Jedi.

Currently this video has amassed almost 15m views and 2.7m likes.

8. Tabitha Brown gives the world Carrot Bacon


Ever tried creating a Carrot beacon? maybe that is a bad idea but you will have after watching this, In her
TikTok video she cooks up a healthy bacon alternative, which gain more than 19.9m views at the time of writing and 3.6m likes.

7. Eliza Peterson reveals the truth about dinosaurs

In her TikTok video, she explains what happened to dinosaurs in this hilarious skit way,  a
miscommunication between God and his angels, resulting in the species’ sad extinction. The video currently holds more than 19.4m views but we still don’t know the real reason.

6. Awa_de_horchata_uwu’s… llama dance?

Perhaps the hardest to explain on this list, we’ve got a llama (or maybe an alpaca) dancing to the popular Mi Pan Su Sus sound.

Despite the insanity of the video, it racked up over 146m views and 17m likes, so it clearly struck a chord with a considerable number of people this year.

5. Will Smith wipes it down


In his viral TikTok video the Hollywood star Will smith join other TikTokers in the  “wipe it down” challenge — transitioning between his regular self and his Men in Black character, Agent J.

At the time of writing this video have over 260m view.

4. Jalaiah Harmon shows off her Renegade at NBA All-Star Game

Jalaiah Harmon is the creator of the popular TikTok dance “The Renegade” and she got all the credit for it.
She got a chance to show off her famous moves at the NBA All-Star game.

At the time of writing this video has over 2m views and a million of stars on the platform doing this dance.

3. Caitlin Reilly captures the real WFH nightmare

With much of the world having to work from home throughout 2020, we’ve all become very familiar with Zoom — but Caitlin’s impression of everyone’s least favorite colleague during a Zoom meeting was perfectly relatable.


At the time of writing there is over 5.5m views on this video and huge number of shares adding every minute all thanks to her way of expressing everyone’s thought.

2. Doggface208 with the perfect vibe

Doggface208 might not be a huge name on TikTok, but you’ve definitely seen this video by now: just him, skating down the street, listening to Fleetwood Mac and drinking his cranberry juice.

Doggface not only passes the vibe check but sets new standards for it, even earning himself a new truck from the cranberry juice producer, Ocean Spray, as a thanks for his 72m views video.

1. Bella Poarch’s ‘M to the B’ is TikTok perfection

The concept of this video is so simple it’s absurd, but Poarch’s head bobs coinciding perfectly with the M to the B beat gave her TikTok’s most viewed video of all time in 2020.

Over 500m views later, Poarch has become a star on TikTok and only seems to be moving on to bigger and better things, proving that you can really create something magical out of almost nothing.


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