Three new Valorant weapons skins bundles have been surfaced and we belives that these weapons will soon become the part of players skin collection.

Since the release of Valorant data miners have been looking for every bit of
details which may point towards any upcoming weapon or map or anything.

And this constant search for new content has given us a brief look on three new Valorant weapons skins bundles & images that are BlastX collection, Toy/Arcade and Drips/Asgard set.

Valorant new Weapons Skins Bundles

The BlastX collection looks very similar to Disney’s Toy Story’s BuzzLight Year.
the image from the data miners are only for Phantom but it is believed that this
collection will include skins for Phantom, Frenzy, Spectre, and melee weapon.


Moreover, there are some low-quality pictures of Frenzy and Spectre and from
the images, there is no exact saying about how both of these will look but
comparing the images with Phantom and a little bit of imagination we can
predict how these will look like.


And as we mentioned BlastX collection will also include a melee weapon skin
but unfortunately, there are no images of the weapon.

Moving on we have Drips set and the Toy collection which are in talks since a
very long time but till now there were only blurry images revealed from these
collections and now a more detailed and high-resolution image has been
surfaced which reveals almost all the weapons getting skins under this collection.

The Arcade/Toy collection looks more like the old school shooter games which feel like handling a toy gun.


Drip/Asgard will satisfy every player because of its nice, gilded skin, it will also satisfy the need of players who came from Overwatch and miss using our golden guns.

Unfortunately, there is no exact saying about when these weapons will be available
in-game and since when players can equip these new Valorant weapons skins
bundles and as per release order we believe that other two skin bundles that are
Arcade/Toy and Drip/Asgard will release before BlastX collection.

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