Since Sony released an official video of the PS5 being taken apart, we’ve known that the side plates are easy to take off. To take off the side plates, you don’t need any screwdrivers or special tools. They just snap into place.

There were a lot of ideas and theories about how to change the look of your PS5 because the faceplates could be taken off. Now that Sony’s newest console is out in the wild, even though it is still pretty rare, custom PS5s are starting to pop up all over the world. Today, we’ll talk about the best ways to make your PS5 your own.

Paint It Yourself

By far, painting your PS5’s faceplate is the easiest thing you can do yourself to make it your own. Because the console has a matte finish, you don’t have to sand it down for the paint to stick. But a coat of primer might help the paint job last longer, even though it’s not necessary.

If you’re wanting to paint your PS5 yourself, ensure that you remove the faceplates before your paint. Spray paint is the best thing to use when you want a solid color. You can even add some slight designs and cuts with the assistance of duct tape.

If you paint your PS5, you can make it look almost any way you want, but you’ll have to live with that look for the rest of the console’s life. Plus, the paint job will hurt the console’s value when it comes time to sell it.


Stickers are the easiest way to change the look of your PS5 or any other device. They don’t have to be as precise as paint or skin, and when you’re done with them, you can just peel them off.

If you feel like being creative, you can add a custom paint job to go with the stickers. The paint and sticker method works great for customizing things with a superhero theme. All you have to do is spray paint the faceplate with the main color of the hero’s theme and put a sticker of their logo on top.


Skins have always been the most common way to change the look of your electronics. PS5 is the same. There are already a lot of different Sony PS5 Skins on the market, and more will come. Some sellers will even let you make your own skins, so you can rest easy knowing that no one else has a copy of your PS5.

The only possible downside is that you have to be very careful to put the skin on perfectly. Unlike its main competitor, the Xbox, which has a boxy shape, the PS5 is all curves and curves. So it will take some time and skill to put on a skin.

As you can see there are many ways that you can customize your PS5, do any of them take your fancy? We’d love to hear about how you have customized yours!