Ludwig is the rising Twitch streamer who has revealed the names of top 5 Twitch streamers he copied while starting out. Each of them is from different categories on the platform.


  • A new streamer by the name Ludwig is the new rising star of Twitch.
  • He has now revealed the name of top 5 Twitch streamers he tried to copy while he was starting on Twitch.

Ludwig is the name amongst one of the many twitch streamers who had a breakout year
over the last 12 months.

In 2020 he was nominated for Dexerto Awards’ Breakthrough Streamer of the Year in 2020,
and he has quite accomplished the mark and is all set to take on big twitch rivals.

However, in a video the Streamer discuses the name of top 5 Twitch streamers he has copied while struggling his way up on Twitch.

While discussing his old streaming goals including the one where he will be doing Twitch
full-time,  Ludwig goes on to discuss the names of streamers he took inspiration from while
starting out.

The first on his list was CDNThe3rd, who he says is “one of the best streamers in terms of integrating music.” NICKMERCS was next on the list, saying that he’s “great with his community” and noting Nick’s preference (at the time) to “add stakes to every Fortnite game.”

Sodapoppin is also on the list, with Ludwig referring to him as “the GOAT streamer,” while he credits Clint Stevens with doing a great job of turning his streams into YouTube videos.

Ludwig also credits Clint Stevens with doing a great job of turning his streams into YouTube videos, also calling him “very personable” and noting that “every single person on Earth loves him.”

Finally, Ludwig references fellow legendary Smash pro Joseph ‘Mang0’ Marquez, who has “an ability to make everyone feel included,” for example by remembering them even if they haven’t subbed for a few months.

The list contains almost every name that a creator should follow while growing on Twitch.
We can sometimes clearly see some of these streamers shadows in Ludwig. For example,
the way he integrates music like CDN, or how he tries to foster his community like NICKMERCS.

We hope that he keeps growing at the same speed and soon join those whom he admires.

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