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A young streamer known by the name “Klaatu1” showed his audience what a “Twitch moderator application” looks like.

Recently, the twitch streamer shared a funny application sent by one of his moderators to the fellow streamer in hopes of becoming a head moderator.

The job of moderators is to keep the chat clean and healthy for all, basically, they are the rulers of the chat, they keep track of everything – if someone getting toxic – spreading hate or whatever they can take immediate action against those who do so.

Meanwhile, some moderators take this job very seriously and also there are many ways of becoming someone’s chat moderator most common of them are “being consistently active in chat” while, some streamers take this a step further and allows an application form submission.

Klaatu1 reveals Twitch Moderator Application form

Klatuu1 reads the funniest Twitch moderator application form on stream

During his stream on January 22, he showed a head moderator application form submitted by a user named “Daniel”.

Daniel being a good candidate mentioned how he can contribute to increasing channel’s “enjoyment containment, and revenue.”. In the form, everything was normal and ok but the one thing that made everything funny was his experience that made even Klaatu laugh out.

To describe his moderation experience he wrote:

“I am an experienced internet janitor with real experience,” “As well as spending some time working as a genuine janitor in a public school system. My understanding of Twitch chat and experience cleaning the hydras of degenerates, and the puke of children has provided baseline experience in the field of Twitch chat moderation.”

Daniel also mentioned three points where he described his past work, in one his points he mentioned that he has managed time for a man who met “Elon Musk”. and as Kladuu kept reading he lost it and started laughing hard.

Klaatu then revealed that Daniel has told him that cleaning children puke was the “most laidback sh*t he’d ever done,” claiming he would just listen to music and clean desks.

Daniel’s application also revealed that he was a “degenerate who has an interest in cleaning the chat of popular streamers in hopes of achieving enough fame to be gifted subscriptions to my friends’ channels.”

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