The Last of Us 2: Release Date & Weapons Leaked.

Somedays earlier we had received a leak regarding the release date of “The Last of Us 2” that is October 2019, And recently PlayStation store has also given some hint regarding the released date, we are very sure that we will see “The Last of Us 2” soon.

So, recently Sony has listed the game in its “Coming Soon” category of PS4 with many other big games which will be launching this year like: Mortal Kombat 11 and Rage 2.

Days Gone is supposed to be released in a few weeks and Sony needs to give player fresh games throughout the year that may be the reason for this update.

But, they have taken down the listing of “The Last of Us 2” from the “Coming Soon” category we can justify this in two ways first, either it was the Staff mistake Second, they don’t want fans to know right now and they will pick a better time to announce the release date. But we are very much sure that the game is coming this year only.

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In the recent video of International Women’s day 2019, we have spotted a new kind of workbench UI where you are able to upgrade your weapons.


In the video we have also spotted some new kind of weapons that might feature in “The Last of Us 2” .