A new strange bird glitch has been found in Last of Us 2, players are witnessing birds flying out of dead enemy bodies.

A fan noticed a creepy bug in The Last of Us 2 where they saw a glowing white bird flying out of a corpse as Ellie sneaks through a level, leading players to wonder what caused the strange sighting.

As fans of the hit Naughty Dog franchise gear up for the HBO premiere of The Last of Us in January, this bizarre glitch shows there’s still more to discover in gaming.

In The Last of Us 2, set five years after the events of the first game, Ellie faces new threats as she continues to fight for her life in Cordyceps-ravaged post-apocalyptic Seattle.

Despite backlash from some angry gamers who vehemently opposed some story elements and the addition of the new playable character Abby, The Last of Us 2 went on to become the best-selling PS4 exclusive to date and garnered numerous Game of the Year awards from various media outlets.

Last of Us Part 1 is confirmed for 2023, The Last of Us 2 remains exclusive to the PlayStation console for now.

The Last of Us 2 Bird Glitch

In a short clip posted to r/thelastofus by user GoldieLocks1643, players catch a glimpse of a spooky bird that appears to be flying out of a corpse lying on the ground.

It flies out of a body as Ellie walks by before disappearing into a nearby wall.

While fans of the hit Naughty Dog franchise are no strangers to occasional glitches in The Last of Us games, this bird-like appearance seemed to strike a chord with suitably freaked-out commenters on Reddit.

Perfectly reflecting the mood of many Reddit users who are concerned by the unusual bug. The top response to the spooky glitch was simply “Oh HELL NO.” before suggesting that Ellie go to a workbench to craft one of the Ghostbusters’ proton packs.

To confirm that this unusual bug wasn’t simply unique, one responder shared a YouTube clip showing another ghost bird caught on camera in the same area of ​​The Last of Us 2.

In an attempt to explain the strange bug, a game developer has suggested that the bird model was probably just meant to be viewed by players from afar, hence the lack of textures or proper lighting.

“As a game dev, this is my two cents. My guess is this is a bird object that’s only meant to be seen from a far distance. The animation is very simplistic, hence why it should only be seen from a distance. Why it’s white?”

Whatever the technical explanation for this grisly bug, its unexpected appearance sparked some lively discussions among fans of the legendary franchise.

And with the recent rumors that series writer and creative director Neil Druckmann is working on The Last of Us 3 in search of that terrifying bird, sounds like a perfect reason for gamers to play The Last of Us 2 again.

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