The Division 2 Review is it better than The Divison?

The Division was one of the best selling games of Ubisoft but after a couple of weeks of launch majority of players stopped playing it so, this time Ubisoft had to do something about the division if they want to make it long into the future.

Division 2 is set in Washington DC the nation’s capital.

It is a story after seven months of division an entity named DC-62 Which was meant to help cure the virus of the division, had some contractual effects and made the whole situation worse.

The story part in division 2, there is no linkup in any of the cut scene. There are some memorable moments but a lot of them are just new things there is no logical story in the game. The story in Division was a lot better than Division 2.


The missions in this game are awesome which covers the bad story, you get so much emerged into the missions that you forget about the story. The missions locations are designed very beautifully the developers had taken the full advantage of the Washington Dc to create awesome mission locations.


One moment you are fighting indoors in the Air space museum of  Washington DC and in the other moment you finds outdoors of islands which have been captured by enemy forces and the mission is to take them out. These locations make you feel there is no story.

The missions are pretty awesome but there is nothing new its all same gameplay like go to the mission defeat enemies get some loot to heal up and go to another mission. But the mission’s duration is long and well designed using all the stuff that Washington DC offers.

Once you complete all the missions the entire map is taken by your greatest threat “The Black Tusk Faction”. This is a new faction that takes over all of the strongholds control point settlements everything you just rescued is taken back by The Black Tusk.

Now your mission is to push the black tusk back and make a way for you to the “Tidal Basin” which is the base of operations of Black Tusk.

Black Tusk is really a lot more difficult than any other faction. Enemies in this game are awesome and “Difficulty is sprinkled properly on all of them”.

The Division 2 AI Bots

The enemies are also smart enough they also do some sneaky-peaky things. They rush you while you reload or sneaks behind you while you are busy killing their teammates.

Black Tusk is a step up from the normal faction AI and they really test your skills.

AI in this game is fantastic.

As soon as you hit level 3 and invade the black tusk you are able to go into the open roads where you may uncover secrets and one of the secrets is the “Return Of Hunters” which you have encountered in between one of the side missions these were the most harder enemies in the missions and they have returned harder and smarter.

Hunters make Black Tusk look very weak and they will target you first. They have access to the entire division arsenal and they will use it to ensure you go down and they don’t.

If you try to flank and rush hunters they fall back and as soon as you get out of ammo or become weak they push you. Hunters are the ultimate challenge. You can’t kill them all at one moment you have to play smart and take them out one by one.

The loot there is so much loot grind. There are so much different variations of loot around the map so you don’t get bored of one kind of loot.

The overall gameplay is very good.

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