On April 26, Fortnite pro Tfue suddenly quit Fornite Pro scrims, and then, Tfue slams Bugha and Avery for teaming up against him.

Teaming up is a new community of controversies now with names of many pro players in this
section, and the latest to be added in this section in Solo Fortnite World Champion “Bugha”.

The claim on him says that he was teaming up with another player Avery during one of
Fortnite solo pro scrims match, this was revealed by Tfue who was also playing the scrims.

Tfue slams Bugha for teaming up

According to him, during his April 26, pro scrims match, he jumps out of the battle bus and
drops right into an early gunfight and the opponent turns out to be “Bugha” but what he
didn’t know was that there is another player waiting for him around the corner.

Well, this was shocking for both Tfue and his chat. And after that, he slams Bugha and Avery with allegations of teaming up.

“What the f**k is this weirdo doing,” he says about Bugha, before dying to Avery. “Bro I think I just got teamed on. Why is this kid playing so passive on low ground? I’m so confused.”

“I’m fighting this kid [Bugha] ⁠that landed there, contested me ⁠— and he’s just farming, waiting for something, and then I just get lasered in the back through the window. We weren’t in the safe zone either.”

He was discussing this with Scoped and Assault who were in call with him, and they also
agreed on this.

“Avery? They’re 100% teaming,” said Scoped. “I don’t think they’re streaming. Avery plays [with Bugha] all the time, like daily cups and sh*t.”

There are rumours around the community that Bugha plays more with Avery than his FNCS
duo squad, and also they play together on stream many times.

Tfue quitting Fortnite pro Scrims?

Scoped also claims that both Bugha and Avery were in the call on discord and weren’t
streaming so they don’t get caught teaming up.

“Bro, pro scrims are so ass dude. No one streams, they all just sit in calls with their f**king friends and call out who’s shooting at them. It’s so cringey.”

After that Tfue quits Fortnite and starts playing Valorant, he says You guys [the viewers] really want me to play that sh*t? I’m literally getting teamed on in pro scrims. I’m not playing that sh*t.”

However, Scrims aren’t the only matches where we see these kinds of stuff [teaming], in
recent FNCS many players were disqualified from the match for teaming up, 4 players got
60 days ban while three players were dropped from their organizations.

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