Popular Twitch Streamer Tfue responds to Fortnite stream snipers during his recent broadcast mentioning them as “immature”.

Tfue is one of the oldest and famous Fortnite streamers but he has also been criticizing the
game time to time, sometimes he argues about game’s mechanics and sometimes the
Fortnite community.

But there is something other than this, which makes not just Tfue but other streamers also
frustrated is “stream-snipping”.

And Tfue is one of those who are more open about it and the same happened during his May 6 live broadcast, when he was streaming Fortnite some players started stream snipping him.


Tfue responds to stream snipers

Tfue responds to stream snipers saying that the Fortnite community is very “immature” and garbage.

“Loser-ass b*tches? Yeah dude,” he says, “The Fortnite community is f**king garbage, it’s filled with a bunch of f**king immature 12-year-old stream-sniping pieces of sh*t.”

Well, he is true but stream snipping is not just in matchmaking servers but also in
tournaments, recently we witnessed many Fortnite players getting banned for teaming in

“They have nothing going for them in life,” he finished. “So all they do is just f**king cheat.”

Well, he didn’t call out anyone in particular. The recent pro player to get ban from FNCS was Faze Clan’s Dubs who received a 30-day ban on his account after teaming up.

Fortnite is one of the world most popular battle royale game but is have a high rate of under 18 players including professional players like “bugha” Fortnite World cup winner was just 16
when he won $3 million. And many streamers also say this that the community is very
childish and often leads to being very toxic many times.

Some people believe that this is good the young people are getting a chance to show their
skills while some streamers like “Tfue” call them immature.

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