Twitch star and professional Fortnite player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney talks about why he thinks that Fortnite’s close quarter aim assist is too powerful and an issue.

Aim assist has always been a point of debate for Battle Royale games with many people
supporting the feature and many standing against it.

And when Fortnite announced that they will be supporting crossplay in tournaments it
became a major controversy where many players believe that aim assist on a controller is ok
but when the controller aim assist is used on PC it becomes too much powerful.


Anyhow, the professional Fortnite player recently came forward to call it an “aimbot”
moreover the Fortnite World Cup Champion “Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf” also agrees with the
point that it was too much power and suggested some changes and modifications for it.

Whereas Tfue gave a middle answer to the statement saying that he is not totally against it
but in some scenarios, the Fortnite close-quarter aim assist is too much powerful.

Tfue asks Epic Games to nerf Aim Assist in Fortnite

“Dude they need to nerf aim assist – close-quarters tracking is too broken,” he says, during his April 12 broadcast. “The long-range s**t I don’t even mind bro. Getting one bursted [at long range] is like getting heavy sniped.”

The Heavy sniper is a one-shot kill with headshot weapon in Fortnite, it does the same
amount of damage like any other gun which hits a couple of headshots in burst mode.
Head is the most vulnerable and hard to hit part in any FPS game and most of the heavy
weapons in FPS games have one shot kill for the headshot.

“But like, kids being able to flawlessly track you through a broken staircase and a box is kind of silly,” he finished.

Almost all of the PC players think that aim assist in general is too powerful in the game but
that is not the case what Tfue thinks, according to him, it is only powerful in short range.

Tfue has made his point clear that he only wants Epic to nerf aim assist in close quarters,
but PC players think that it is too powerful in general and controller players think that it
doesn’t makes any difference.

Well, we can only wait and see if Epic games nerf the aim assist or not.

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