Twitch star Tfue on his latest broadcast revealed why many players are quitting Fortnite and what should Epic Games do to gain the same popularity.

Fortnite is a game which never runs out of updates and event, but after Chapter 2 players have been frustrated with the game.

This is a lot to do with the game being the same despite so many updates.

After Chapter 2 many big streamers also talked about this like Tyle ‘Ninja’ Belvins, he also mentioned what Epic Games should fix in there next update.


And now Tfue has joined the queue of players ranting about the game.

Recently, after getting killed by controller players on stream Tfue really got pissed off.

After which the young Twitch star went on and on talking about how the game has become so boring and expressed his thoughts on it.

Tfue is quitting Fortnite because of this

“I’m going to play Tarkov obviously dude, I’m not playing f**king Fortnite, it is so boring,” he said upon exiting the game and loading up Tarkov. “Even when I was on zero ping it was f**king boring dude. They need to come out with a new season ASAP bro. Like, no one wants to play the same s**t over and over again. It’s so f**king boring dude.”

He then mentioned that some of his friends are also quitting this game and moving onto some other.

“Every player on mouse and keyboard is just quitting, that is the problem. Legit, like no one plays mouse and keyboard on Fortnite anymore unless you’re like a streamer or sweat dude,” he added. “Like, all my IRL friends that play with PC mouse and keyboard – and I’m like ‘do you still play?’ – and they’re like nope, don’t play. My friends on the controller are like ‘yeah, I still play.’”

Well, Tfue has a valid point here and it was supported by the whole community.

And Epic Games really need to do extraordinary in the next update or they will lose more players.

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