Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has shared some more details about how he got robbed Two times in a day during Twitch Rivals Streamer bowl event.

He lost both his Phone and an Audemars Piguet Mens Royal Oak 41MM Steel VS Arabic Dial watch.

Tfue was a part of Twitch Rivals Streamer bowl event in Miami.

Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback Kyler Murray & Tfue both were in the same team.

The paired had many amazing Fortnite games, but they weren’t able to accomplish the Victory.


After the first robbery, he tweeted he was “fine” but he shared some more insights later on his stream.

Tfue started broadcasting the game on Twitch where he revealed some more insights on how it all happened.

Tfue robbed by Three Kids at Twitch rivals streamer event

It all started when he was approached by three kids while waiting for the Uber – then one of the kids grabbed his shoulder while other was aiming at his watch.

“He’s got two hands on my watch and he’s just pulling it like with all his force, and I’m like trying to pull my wrist away because I don’t want him to f**king take my watch and all I feel is the clip on the watch just bend and break off,” Tfue said.

Tfue continued: “Honestly, like, I was so drunk at that moment that I was like ‘f**k it, I don’t even care, I’m not going to chase this kid down, it’s not even worth it’ and like, honestly, it was probably a good thing I was hammered because if I was sober I probably would have chased those kids down and probably been in jail.”

But for the phone, he didn’t have that much information, after the kids left the scene he pat checked his pockets to make sure his wallet and phone were safe.

“I’m like freaking the f**k out. I’m like call it, he tries calling it. My phone isn’t dead, it goes straight to voicemail. I’m like, I got f**king pickpocketed – that’s the first thing I think,” Tfue said. 

“Obviously, if I’d lost it, which I doubt I did, I’ll call it and it’ll ring but it went straight to voicemail which means somebody turned it off. So, obviously I knew someone gripped it, turned the phone off and put it in their pocket.”

Well, it was a terrible experience for the Fortnite professional, luckily he wasn’t hurt that much.

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