Welcome to the Terminator: Resistance review article it is a first-person shooter game set during ‘Future war’ scenario.

About Terminator: Resistance

The game has some visually appealing graphics like moonlight coming down from cracked open roofs. It is set in the Terminator universe.

The gun mechanics of the game also feels like something from the future.

If you are a big-time Terminator series fan you are going to love this game because of one of the facts that it is made by people who clearly loved each element of Terminator series.

Terminator: Resistance Release date

The game is released on November 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

The theme sound of the game is originally taken from the movie and you will find me talking a lot about the theme music in this article.

Terminator game story

On August 1997 Skynet, a computer system built to protect us became self-aware and they attempted to erase the majority of Humans by causing a nuclear disaster.

After that Robots and Cyborgs kept on patrolling earth surface for capturing and killing any human survivor.

Los Angeles is the destroyed city in-game.

You “Jacob” is a guy who got separated from other members of his squad.

And now he is trying to get back to them without being killed by Artifical Intelligence or Human Killer.

Meanwhile, on his way back he meets a group of some old and young people who are trying to leave the city and survive the disaster.

Now onwards, you control Jacob

And, this is your first objective to help these guys fix the bus and leave the city.

And to not make the game boring developers have also enabled multiple dialogue choosing system.

Everything you say will define your personality to other people.

However, the game is very much similar to Metro Exodus, you have two options either explore the semi-open world a bit or just stick to the missions.

While completing missions you will also find some Skynet’s outposts which can be snuked in and destroyed.



The game will start at a slow pace and then quickly kick off with later missions.

you can collect items around the map and craft weapons/ammo, you can also trade and upgrade skills using the collected materials.

The story of the game covers both T1 and T2 movies. You have a lot of weapons to choose from.

It also has many mini-games featuring hacking and lockpicking.

Safehouses can also be found around the map they work as a checkpoint and you can save your game progress.

Game type

The game is somewhat a combination of both combat and stealth mode.


You can use “Terminator Knife” to take out t800 robots in one shot.

You also have night vision goggles which help you see enemies in the night and through walls helping you maintain distance from them.

There are some scenes where the game is scripted to engage you into combats whether you like it or not.

In starting the infiltrator unit that is hunting you wear the same outfit that Anie wears in the first Terminator film.

It has nothing to do here but it is a piece of fanservice.

Uzi is the very first weapon that you will be holding.

There are Shotguns, uzi, M16A4, pistols then there are plasma weapons which do more damage to the t800 robots.

In the Terminator: Resistance game t800 robots are portrayed as an actual threat.


Talking about damage uzi, m16a4 or shotgun will not do reasonable damage to them you need plasma weapons to kill them.

You can upgrade your plasma weapon using the upgrade chops you will steal from enemy bodies.

The upgrade chips can be found anywhere that makes it less valuable in-game. Every chip works differently some upgrades stability of weapon, or fire rate but most importantly weapon damage.

They are easy to find but the hard part is to match the correct chip and mount it. If you don’t match the chips correctly they will not do anything.

Game mode: Review

The game is very easy even in the hard mode and the fact that it requires only 11 hours to complete 100% game is quite reasonable.

Terminator: Resistance Review

In short Terminator: Resistance is a shooter game set in terminator universe combined with fans service and a bunch of other games like:

  1. Settings and mini-game from fallout 4
  2. ‘Frogger’ like hacking minigame
  3. Bioware games dialogue system

The story of the game is interesting the characters are amazing and the fact that you get to laid twice is amazing.

So that’s all for Terminator: Resistance review write down in the comment section your reviews on it.


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