Tectone reacts to OTK memes. In a recent Twitch rant video, Tectone reacts to memes from OTK, calling them out as “cringe.”

Twitch Streamer Tectone was seen passionately shouting about the recent crop of memes in which OTK has served as a punchbag in a Twitch clip.

“My wife just left me, not looking good OTK” was an example the streamer gave, saying “It’s so cringe” in response.

Despite its lighthearted nature, the image clearly touched a nerve, as Tectone did not enjoy being grouped in with the previous OTK scandals.

Tectone reacts to memes on OTK

“What the f*** do I have to do with somebody’s actions?” he said. “Do you think I have mind control over the other members? Do you think I have anything to do with anything else? F*** no!”

Replies to the diatribe were also not kind to the streamer, with viewers attempting to spam the meme and others like it.

“If you don’t want people to make memes of your org, then don’t have multiple scandals with different members one after the other,” said a Redditor in a thread discussing the clip.

This outburst comes as the organization is embroiled in a slew of issues. Mizkif, a Twitch streamer, and OTK co-founder, was placed on leave after making historic statements. Following an investigation into the claims, he was found not guilty.

Furthermore, Rich Campbell, co-founder of OTK, resigned after sexual assault charges arose, just 3 months after fellow OTK member Mizkif was placed on leave.

To add insult to injury, one of their most prominent inventors, Jschlatt, announced his departure from the group.

Tectone is clearly upset at being associated with these incidents, and he attempted to distance himself from the turmoil by shouting out at others in his Twitch channel.

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