There is big news coming up that Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO Source Code Leaked online and many players are expressing concern that this may lead to exploits and hacks.

The CS:GO source code that is going viral on the internet is from the 2017 “Hydra Operation”
and according to ‘2Eggss,’ an ethical hacker and Steamworks developer, it may reveal many
confidential data and one can build the entire game using these codes.

According to him, prior to this leak, there will be no use of Valve’s Antti-Cheat because the
exploiters which used to make cheats using the information on the internet regarding both
the game.

Now they have the whole source code on which both CS:GO and Team Fortress 2 is built and
they can use it however they want to.


CS:GO and TF2 Source Code Leaked Online

Well, that is not all that can happen after this incident, there are some videos staring to show
unusual behaviour on once computer, and according to ‘2Eggss’, exploiters are already creating a remote code execution (RCE) – using this anyone from any part of the country can
log in into any in-game active player’s computer.

He says, “Do not play Team Fortress right now,” 2Eggss explained. “There’s some RCE exploits in the engine that could allow malicious code to run right now.”

It’s been only a day since these source codes went public and people like ‘2Eggss’ are already
advising them to not play ‘TF2’, as anyone can gain access to your PC without your knowledge.

CSGO historian and President of competitive club Dogmination, Nors3, says that this is a very
F****d up situation and that vale will soon release statement on this issue.

“Welp, that’s f****d. Very f****d situation. And I’m sure Valve will be angry with this.” He says, “I’ll keep being very cautious with leaks and showing proof, so you can see this is a big example of how you can fuck projects and people., He adds.”

Will Valve shift to Source 2 engine?

“CSGO code to make cheats was already very public in many repositories,” he said. “This leak just gives more advertising to it. It means more to Valve as a whole. It involves a lot of people and projects, it’s a bad leak for them and gives to other devs an advantage.”

Developers from Valorant, one of the strong contender against the very popular E-sports
game can take a look inside gun mechanism and other stuff from this 2018 source code.

Well, some people are happy because this will push the valve to release the most awaited Source Code 2.

“This [leak] is awful, and I wish that it didn’t happen,” user ‘Vadographer’ said. “However, this does open the door for both games to potentially be ported to Source 2.”


Moreover, this leak can give many other FPS titles a head start because CS:GO is one of those
game which originated the FPS title.

“Expect a Valve statement about the Source code leak. It can take days tho, and Gaben for sure will step in,” Nors3 said. “New internal rules could appear, and someone could be fired and maybe sued.”

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