Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar explains why he will not return to GTA V Roleplay as a fulltime.

GTA V Roleplay picked up the pace in 2019 after a couple of big streamers started playing the game.

In GTA RP you can play whatever character you want to play as.

You can be a police officer ( You need to pass the test for that) or maybe you can be the baddest robber in the town.

But it is not as simple as it looks the server rules of the mod are very strict.

And Summit1g is one of those roleplayers “Charles Johnson” or “Chawa” is the name of his character in the roleplay city.


But as “Escape from Tarkov” and many others became the new trend our very own Twitch streamer also left GTA RP to play these games.

Although, he had made clear that he won’t be playing it full time.

Summit1g won’t return to GTA V RP

During a super chill Twitch broadcast on February 24, one of his viewers threw a suggestion of causing chaos in the city.

But, the ex CSGO professional denied the suggestion straight away saying, “GTA RP players are there to “share content” and not ruin it for each other. He also noted that he wasn’t looking to “step on anyone’s toes” because he’s pretty much a “guest” these days“. 

“I just can’t do it for eight hours a day right,” summit said. “Stop by for a few hours, have some fun, you know and do your thing on something else. That’s where I’m at in the RP world at least for now. I think it serves as a really good nighttime special for people who have never seen GTA RP.”

Well, Summit didn’t completely quit the game which can be good news for his RP fans, but according to him, he will play the game occasionally rather than daily.

We hope he summit1g makes GTA V RP full time even for a couple of weeks.

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