Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar mocks CSGO for late krieg nerf following Valorant closed beta release. according to him, Valorant is responsible for this update.

Riot Games new tactical shooter game ‘Valorant’ is already dominating other FPS games in
the competition and it becomes more clear when on the first day of its release Valorant
twitch viewership limit crosses 34 million hours watched in first 24 hours.

And before its release, many YouTubers have already mentioned that Valorant will dominate
all FPS games and eventually kill games like Overwatch and CSGO.


Riot Games new tactical shooter already features 128 tick servers, anti-cheat and many
other features that CSGO lacks on their official servers and this is the reason why ex CSGO
professionals like Timthetatman and Summit1g are spending more time in Valorant than any
other game.

In the past year, Krieg became a meta for CSGO and despite getting a lot backlashes from the
community and high demand from players to fix the weapon, developers of the game never
took it seriously.

One time Summit1g also called Krieg as a ‘stupid’ gun during one CSGO rant.

But recently Valve fixed this issue and according to summit1g this Krieg ‘late’ nerf is because of Valorant’s release that CSGO finally looked into this matter.

Summit1g talks about ‘late’ CSGO krieg nerf

This happened after April 10 patch notes update, After reading through the patch note summit1g asks the timing question saying: “So how long has this thing been f**ked? And you’re telling me three days after Valorant comes out, we’re f**king hauling ass now?”

“We’re just kicking it into high gear and fixing something we hated forever? Oh, okay…” Lazar stated, suspicious of the timing.

“Yeah, I see you, no one’s falling for it right now, brother — you better hope Valorant fails” the former CS pro added.

Further, he explains his views on the ‘late’ nerf of the weapon he says that this might be ‘too late’ to nerf the gun because it has been there for a very long period of time and developers
didn’t do anything about it.

He then also compares the situation with two lemonade stands where one is CSGO lemonade stand which has a ‘sh*t reputation’ and he won’t be going there again any time soon.

Well, we will see if Valorant takes on CSGO spot on E-sports or not but for now, we can only wait.

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