Twitch star Summit1g explains why Valorant Agent Raze’s ultimate ability is the worst ability in-game during his live broadcast.

Raze was the last agent to be introduced before the beta release of the game and since then
she has been a centre of debate among players because of her abilities some think that her
abilities are too overpowered whereas some believe that they aren’t up to the mark.

However, Summit1g also belive that Raze’s ultimate ability – Rocket Launcher is not as powerful as Riot Game’s claims.

Summit1g explains why Raze’s ultimate ability is not OP

Raze is a full pack of bomb agent, carrying C4, hand grenades around her waist & rocket
launcher on her back, it looks like she can kill anyone without being in the Line of Sight.


According to Summit her rocket launcher ability doesn’t even deserves to be in the game.

During his April 23 stream, the Twitch star explains, Raze’s ultimate isn’t the problem. “I don’t think her rocket is necessarily overpowered,” he said. “I think her ‘nades are in a fine spot the way they changed it, I still am a believer that the rocket launcher is just so narrow-minded and such a s**t f**king ability to have in this video game.”

He says that this kind of ability in the game can cost you many rounds.

Summit says: “I don’t necessarily think it’s overpowered, I just think it’s going to bulls**t you from time to time and it’s going to be really f**king annoying – or cost you a game or something like that. It’s just not a deserved s**t.

And due to all these criticism and hate that Raze is receiving, Riot Game’s released the first-ever real Valorant Beta update making changes to her abilities.

Well, we can only wait and see if Riot games make further changes to Raze’s abilities because this may be the perfect time to do so as the game is currently in the beta

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