Ex CSGO professional ‘Summit1g’ describes his rage while addressing Valorant category as the fakest streaming category on Twitch.

Valorant is getting popular day by day and as we move forward to the 4th week of its release,
many players are describing some issues with the game, while some players from the region
where the game is not released yet are trying every method to get into the game.

Also recently we got to see the first-ever Valorant patch update 0.47, well-getting access key
of the game is super easy, as you just need to watch two hours of the Valorant stream on Twitch, but according to Summit1g, this method is doing more harm than any good.


Summit1g slams Valorant on Twitch for “faking” viewers

His rage blasted out during his 24 April Twitch broadcast, he talks about streamers who are
attracting viewers by faking drops and he also talks about viewers who are watching multiple
streams just to get the access key.

“This is the fakest section on Twitch!” raged summit, talking about the Valorant section, which sat at 276,000 consistent viewers. “It’s the absolute fakest section on Twitch right now, am I wrong? Am I f**king wrong? Look at that number. Is that real? Not even f**king close! Not even f**king close!”

“You know what that numbers does?” he continued. “It helps me burn out, just a little bit quicker… I don’t wanna be in that category, just kinda wanna step out of it – look at this chat. Just stare at this section. How many 24/7 drops, how many 24/7s can you see, just scrolling down this section at a mediocre speed how many f**king 24/7s are on this category?! It’s disgusting.”

In a second clip, he continue critisizing streamers who are pretending to be live: “You should all be f**king ashamed. You’re not Twitch streamers, you’re not even YouTubers, because you are not even puting in the work that they put in, There’s no editing, you f**king throw up your VOD as soon as you go offline, like I’m playing my outro video, couple double clicks, hit the play and you leave, what a joke, runing that category, Valorant looks like a piece of shit video game on Twitch right now, this doesn’t look like number one game on twitch.”

Summit1g is not the only one who is criticizing this Valorant “fakeness” on twitch, there are
many other players who also believes that this way of giving access key is grabbing a lot of
fake viewers and streams.

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