In his latest twitch broadcast Summit1g rants about CS: GO after his opponent kills him mid-air with a headshot.

Summit1g is one of the top streamers in the community, moreover, he is an ex CSGO
professional who has just made his return to the biggest FPS Title.

He plays a variety of games on his live broadcast like – Escape from Tarkov, Apex Legends, and the brand new Call of Duty: Warzone.


The young streamer made his comeback to the game on March 28 with Cloud 9 Freakazoid
But after a couple of rounds, he starts to rant about CS: GO and addresses bugs that are still
in the game and need to be fixed.

Because while holding A bombsite on Mirage he was killed by one of his opponents who appears to be in mid-air while giving him a headshot in palace.

Normally, from the point you jump till you land your accuracy becomes the worst that it
could be.

But it wasn’t the same for his opponent as he hits a sleek headshot on Summi1g.

Summit1g rants about CS: GO mid-air headshot bug

“Let me tell you what happens if I jump,” he said, jumping out of his chair to reenact the event, “This is where when you play and when other people play it’s different in Counter-Strike.”

“When you’re watching that guy he jumps, lands, insta headshots you,” summit explained, “even if he doesn’t land, he jumps, insta headshots you and then lands.”

While describing all this he makes a clear point that how inaccurate must his opponents shot
should be in mid-air and that the game doesn’t make any sense.

“To normal humans like us, we jump, we land, our guy acts like he has to settle his body, then you can shoot your AK, cause if you shoot it any earlier, it’s not accurate at all, it doesn’t work like that I’m telling you, it doesn’t make sense this game,” he said.

After all this, he also talks about the infamous SG 553 or “Krieg” rifle and says he is looking
forward to what valorant has to offer.

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