Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar has hit the sickest shot ever in Escape from Tarkov on his recent twitch broadcast.

Summit1G is an American Twitch streamer and ex-CSGO Professional player.

Many players know him by his “Molotov” video from a CSGO professional match, where he runs into his own molly just to kill himself instead of defusing the bomb and winning the match.

Summit1G running himself into molotov

The hype of “Escape from Tarkov” among players died so early that not much of them play the game nowadays.

But, many players indeed like to watch the game on stream, and streamers like Summit1G are always ready to provide their audience with the best content of their choice.

Likewise, on his latest twitch broadcast, the American streamer accidentally pulled off the sickest shot ever in “Escape from Tarkov“.

Summit1G hits the luckiest shot ever in Escape from Tarkov from a store window

Summit1G pulling sickest shot in Escape from Tarkov

The shot happened just when he shot the window glass to make a nice hole for himself while struggling to find a better angle on his enemy from a store.

He shot through the window unaware that an enemy is sitting in the line of sight of the bullet.

That kill also left Summit1G in shock.

“Brothers, you are not going to believe what the f**k I just did,” he called out with a stunned look on his face. “All I meant to do was shoot that glass open and there was a f**king guy there! I just wanted to shoot the glass open bro – I didn’t mean to shoot the guy, I didn’t know he was there until after I shot.”

well, this shot left everyone in shock including Summit1G, no one ever saw something like this, but this wasn’t the scene with the enemy, as in Escape from Tarkov after death you will lose everything you have carried on your way till your death.

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