Popular Twitch streamer Summit1g mocks Twitch Chat for telling him what to do, after that he addresses them as “idiots.

Summit1g is a veteran Twitch streamer and has been entertaining viewers from the past 10 years and the only thing that he or any other streamer who is trying his best to entertain people doesn’t want is advice, It can frustrate anyone and same happened with Summit during his May 15 broadcast when is lost his cool.

Summit1g mocks Twitch chat for giving advice

This started when the chat started to give him advice on Sea of Thieves and he lost it after dying multiple times in the game. He got super mad.

“I’ll give you my warning right now, that I am not in a good mood,” summit started. “I’m not letting sh*t slide, I will perma-ban every single f**king stupid sh*t I see. Okay? I don’t care if it’s sub mode. Say some stupid sh*t if you don’t give a f**k about being a sub here and I’m cool with that. Raise your hand? Do it.”


He asked his Twitch chat to keep calm and let him play the game, but the chat wasn’t ready to be silent, and then Summit1g mocks every viewer of the Twitch Chat giving him advice on how to play and what to do.

“A bunch of dumb a**es come out of the woodworks that all think they’re good at video games because they’ve been watching Counter-Strike and professionals play.”

“Like who the f**k are they?” he finished. “All of these dumb a**es talking shit today, bro I can’t take it. ‘Oh you didn’t win those two games, obviously you’re doing something wrong!’ Like no man, sometimes you just lose to a better team, you f**king idiot.”

It looks like you should no give advise to people when they are losing because they may trigger them as he/she is already losing the game even after trying their best. And from Summit1g’s| behaviour it is clear that he doesn’ want any advise giver in his chat.

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