Subnautica Aurora door codes list - All door codes

In this short article, we will list all the Subnautica Aurora door codes present at the time of writing this and how to access each one.

In Subnautica, you’re stuck at the bottom of the sea in a damaged spaceship called the Aurora, with most doors closed and locked during the crash and subsequent lockdown protocols. As the game gradually reveals its secrets, you, the player, are assigned the task of opening each door.

However, did you know that you’re able to gain access to all of these areas at the very beginning of Subnautica by using door codes? All Subnautica Aurora door codes are listed below, along with the door it unlocks.

You can use these at any time during the game, but some players may consider it cheating, so make your decision accordingly.

What is the purpose of Subnautica Aurora door codes?

Subnautica codes are used to unlock the Aurora craft’s various doors. The majority of codes can be found by playing through the narrative, but knowing each door code beforehand can make life much easier.

By going through every door in the Aurora ship, you can find upgrade materials as well as other useful items sooner. It also consists of tools for unlocking more areas of the game earlier than you should.

Using the door codes early in the game does not break the game in any way it simply provides you with a nice early advantage to aid in your survival.

List of All Subnautica Aurora door codes

Here are all of the available door codes for the Aurora in Subnautica:

Captain’s Quarters2679
Cargo Bay1454
Robotics Bay6666
Cabin No.11869
Lab Access6483

You’ll only need to use each code once for the door to remain open.

So these are all the door codes that you need to know in order to open doors in the game.

Subnautica Aurora door codes

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