Capcom’s newly launched Street Fighter 6 is already breaking records through their highest Player Count in Steam’s history.

The buildup to the release of Street Fighter 6 has been massive. Following a disappointing debut for Street Fighter 5, Capcom has clearly listened to its devoted fans. The game has debuted with a slew of new features, fighters, and ways to have fun.

It takes a lot for a fighting game to rise above the competitors, like Chun-Li flying through the air for a deadly kick. But Street Fighter 6 is exactly what the doctor ordered. Not only is SF6’s day one player count the highest for a fighting game on Steam, but it’s also broken it by a wide margin.

Street Fighter 6 breaks Steam’s record

According to data given by industry expert Benji Sales, Street Fighter 6 has punched its ticket to success.

They displayed a representation of the top-performing fighting games on Steam in terms of concurrent users. Mortal Kombat 11 is presently in second position with an astounding 35,147 gamers, however this number pales in contrast to Street Fighter 6.

Capcom’s latest fighting game release has nearly doubled that figure with a whopping 64,000+ concurrent players!

Again, the game has only been publicly available for 24 hours, and it’s likely that this figure may climb in the coming days as more gamers get a chance to participate.

Another noteworthy fact to consider is that the highest number of concurrent players for Street Fighter 5 in the last seven years was only 14,783 – a difference of 50,000.

It will be very interesting to see where SF6 goes in the next days. Those who are in the fighting space have plenty to keep them coming back, with classic outfits to unlock and opponents to harass.