Streamlabs hacked? company answers to critics claiming a “security vulnerability” in the system letting anyone take over users’ YouTube and Twitch channels.

On Feb 1 one of the streamers claimed that the world’s most popular streaming software can be hacked by anyone.

tweet from Marvin Witt claimed “Streamlabs has a security vulnerability which lets people take over your linked YouTube [or] Twitch channel.”

According to him, this security vulnerability gave hackers freedom to do anything with users’ channels including editing videos or maybe even deleting YouTube channels, as per Streamlabs’ permissions ⁠— or altering Twitch stream details.

In the following tweet, he explains more about the issue, “To further elaborate on this, there have been several streamers who have been taken over by a certain “Kotik Detektiv” or better known by their old alias Garkolym. All affected streamers had the same thing in common: they used StreamLabs for donations.”

He then also adds a video showcasing the hack: “Below you can see a video of them doing their little “hack” on the YouTube channel “TimeDeo”.”

However, Streamlabs completely disagrees with this and assures their users’ that they are not on the verge of getting hacked.

“Our developers have investigated this thoroughly, and we don’t believe there is an issue on our end causing these problems,” “We have no reason to believe anyone’s channel is not safe and secure.”

The platform claimed, “the issue was reported by YouTubers who use Streamlabs as well as YouTubers without any linked accounts, meaning creators who have never used our service have experienced this issue.”

But, Streamlabs didn’t give any explanation about Twitch.

And for Content Creators who use Streamlabs almost daily for donations and other things, the developer says there is no need to rush and un-link your Twitch or YouTube accounts.

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