Twitch streamer FrostyMatrixTV who lost his channel twice for toxicity is again being called out for asking kids to sneak their parent’s credit card and subscribe to his channel.

This controversy starts when during April 19 twitch broadcast where he was playing
Deadside while also talking to his chat and everything was going usual until he completely
changed his tone and starts asking his younger viewers to ‘sneak’ their parents’ credit cards
to sub to him and according to him sneaking is not stealing.

FrostyMatrixTv convinces kids to sneak their parents’ credit cards

“It sounds like I’m drunk and trolling when I tell people, kids especially, ‘go get your daddy’s (or mother’s) credit card’ … Not steal it, but sneak it behind their backs and hit the subscribe button,’” he said. “No, I’m not joking. It’s not a joke.”

“It sounds funny, because it’s kind of funny, but I’m not doing anything bad. I’m not pushing you to lose your v**ginity. I’m pushing you to be a f**king man!” FrostyMatrixTV continued. “Do things on your own, financial independence, which is nothing. A sub is what? Five f**king bucks?”

According to the streamer, subscribing to his channel is worth more than having lunch and
the amount given to kids as “lunch money” can cover his subscription 10 times.

“Wake the f**k up. Show me you got some balls. That’s what I mean,” he said.

According to him, his channel is all about “real talks”, meaning talking about things that
their parents won’t talk to them he says, “I’ll smack the reality into them if I have to, but I’ll do it with words.”

After some moments, the streamer claims that he has lost his channel twice and had to grow
it from the bottom and all because of toxicity.

Well, some people suggest that this was all to grab attention like a fellow streamer Invadervie
she was also called out after she called viewers who refuse to subscribe “cheapskates.”


The decision from twitch is still to come up and we will notify you once anything happens, as
Twitch takes these matters more seriously and bans the channel right away.

Also, the streamer itself admits that he has lost his channel once because of his own toxicity.

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