In the video embed below A Warzone streamer demonstrates How to use Stim glitch in Warzone properly and use it against your enemies in the most amazing way.

Warzone players always try to make something unique something great out of every glitch
they encounter in the game. Stim Glitch is one of the most annoying glitches that has been part
of the game ever since.

In the past, we have seen a ton of glitches in the game after the move to integrate Black Ops Cold War whether it be the layout of the new Gulag or infinite stim glitch.

Now a wise CoD player has used his expertise to demonstrate how you can use the infinite Stim Glitch properly in Warzone to counter your enemies.


This wise streamer is opmarked and his group of teammates, apparently they have found out
the exact number of Munition Boxes that anyone needs to survive till the end and not only
that but how much exactly they cost – the number is $100,000 in case you want to know.

In the video, they demonstrate that if you buy enough munition boxes and juggle them out
of the zone you can prevent being despawned. In the video, you can see the player placing
one down when he needed a stim boost, the streamer simply had to juggle them afterwards
to keep it going.

Many of the users were amazed how beautifully they have pulled this out while some were
still in disbelief with one user saying that  “I still find it ridiculous that it’s possible to win like this.”

“No, this is just as bad as the stim glitch,” said another, while a third player added: “I would still ban him for exploiting.”

The streamer’s tactic is a legal one and super say to pull out but the difficult part is getting
that big amount, to get that big number, you’ve got to pull off at least 10 contracts – including
the Most Wanted – and grab a few kills to even get close to enough money.

So we are pretty much sure that the glitch is going to be in the game for far more time than
we expected and it is good to see that players are creating their own tricks using the glitches.
But CoD developers should really look into this matter and remove the glitch as soon as possible.

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