Stray is one of the best and cutest upcoming open-world came in 2022. It is the journey of a small cat in a big scary city and here is everything regarding this upcoming game including the stray release date, gameplay, trailers, and more.

It turns out we really do need additional games featuring creatures as the main character because people love kitties and doggies. Stray looks to be the whole remedy for those in want of a satisfying adventure game about a grazing feline trying to use and do what it can to find its way.

Developers BlueTwelve Studio is remaining relatively closemouthed on the adventure game and wants to leave a lot of the riddle within the game itself. So when does the game release? And what can players hope from it? Here is everything we know so far:

Stray release date

Stray is going to release on multiple platforms and will be reaching players on July 19, 2022.


The release date was verified during the game’s appearance at the June 2, 2022, edition of Sony’s State of Play event. Given that it’s relatively around now, it’s presumably a safe bet that Stray will be locked in for that date too.

Stray gameplay & story

Despite the game coming out so soon, we haven’t actually seen that much about Stray, but we do know that we’ll need to be on the tip of our toe sap to fight off antagonist pitfalls that overrun the metropolis to help the cat get to where it needs to go to.

As well as combat situations, our stray cat will be hopping, jumping, climbing, and doing a variety of cat-related paw- kour to negotiate the dangerous routes of the game. Our precious kitty won’t be alone still, the cat will also gain fellowship in the form of a drone called B12 that will help with dialog and much further.

Here are a few minutes of gameplay from the game:

Apart from all this information, we can not say much about the environment until there is some official announcement from the developers.

Stray trailers

Stray’s debut trailer dropped during the summer of 2020 and it was a very cinematic sneak peek about the adventure of a curious cat.

Stray platforms

The game is not being released on a wider range of platforms for Stray with the adventure game only coming to PS4, PS5, and Windows. Players of any other format need to upgrade their system if they want to enjoy the adventure of being a stray cat.