Recently a stranger tried breaking into LLunaclark car while on live broadcast leaving her speechless for a moment.

IRL streaming has been one of the fastest-growing categories on the streaming platform with almost every big creator having an IRL channel.

However, during IRL streams not everything goes as planned, many streamers have been part of cycling accidents while some have experienced near-death incidents while rope climbing mountains.

LLunaclark, a Spanish Twitch streamer, recently realized what may happen during a stream when a stranger attempted to break into her car during an IRL broadcast.

A stranger man tried breaking into LLunaclark car during a live broadcast

On April 19, 2023, LLunaclark was parked in a parking lot and was talking to her chat when the incident took place.

Before attracting the notice of the streamer, a man approached her automobile from the passenger side and opened her door.

LLuna yelled at the man, leading him to close the door and flee.

As she recovered from the experience, the Twitch streamer made sure to pan the camera to see the prospective thief walking away.

Her program continued as scheduled (after she made sure to secure her doors) before she and her viewers were relocated to a new region of the city.

Similarly, another IRL Twitch streamer had her phone taken from her hands in February 2023 during a frightening interaction with a stranger.

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