A Call of Duty: Warzone participant observed a easy manner to go back to the vintage Verdansk map and made a stunning discovery whilst he did. Located atop one of the roofs of the Downtown POI, they observed a few type of “RPG turret.”

Many Warzone fanatics had been bitten through the Verdansk nostalgia bug lately. After a long time longing for a brand new map, players miss the conventional map and a few are even calling for it to come back as a limited-time mode.

One fan, though, determined they had to cross back to Verdansk and observed a easy manner to do it. Using the trials system in Modern Warfare 2019, they have been capable of drop back into the unique battlefield.

Once in Verdansk, Reddit’s ‘Western_Digital_’ made a stunning discovery. Atop Verdansk’s bank, adjoining to Nakatomi Tower, they observed a “bizarre RPG turret” – which was not visible to anyone before.

Warzone fan finds “RPG turret” in go back to Verdansk

In Western_Digital’s video, you may see the mechanical contraption easily. It appears just like a classic Shield Turret, but with… an RPG strapped to the center. One person replied with easy admiration for the complicated thing, saying “that’s so f**king dumb, I love it.”

While a few questioned if this RPG turret is an indication of a brand new upcoming upgrade in the game’s backend files, another player defined that it could simply be constrained to the mode they have been in. As they defined, “those turrets shoot at the helicopter during the time trial.”


For the ones thinking a way to get their boots back at the floor in Verdansk, it’s quite easy. You simply should load up MW19, click on on “Time Trials,” and pick the helicopter-flying option.

You don’t want to fly the helicopter at all, as ignoring it’s going to put off the timer indefinitely and let you stroll round and reminisce as much as you’d like.

Even though Western_Digital won’t have made a brand new discovery, at the least he made a position to inform players how they could get back to the ol’ stomping grounds.