SteveWillDoIt fails: the YouTube star gives accidentally gives away $10,000 to a Twitch viewer as a generous tip during his recent live broadcast.

Popular YouTuber and NELK Boys star Steve ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Deleonardis or so called healthiest
man alive has lost $10,000 due to a stupid mistake during his recent live broadcast while playing

During his January 18 broadcast, Deleonardis went to tip a viewer called KnowDaDrill some money
from his Bitcoin wallet. It looked like it was a generous $1,000 donation to begin with, but all that
changed when the streamer mistyped and added an extra zero to the end of the amount.

It happened because, he pressed a couple of random buttons and had to backspace to make it $1,000
however, it turns out that he forget to remove the extra zero at the end.

It was not too late before Steve realizes how much he has messed up but the transaction was
already done.

“Oh my God, I just sent him $10,000 on accident!” he gasped in awe. “Oh my God.”

For a moment he freezed and could not understand what he just did, he was unsure how to respond
to the situation.

“Ahh,” he groaned. “I’m stoned.”

Unfortunately, the streamer deleted the rest of the vod, so it’s unclear what happened with the funds and if the viewer was nice enough to return the extra money.

However, despite spending that much amount SteveWillDoIt is not bankrupt, after that transaction
went through his Bitcoin Wallet still had another $95,000 in it.

But the last few months had not been great for the YouTuber, he bet and lost $30,000 on the results of the US election, among other wagers.

Well, we do know that he will recoup his losses in no time considering he has a YouTube channel
with over 3 million subscribers and multiple successful series. However, this SteveWillDoIt fails might have made him learn to double-check every time before spending money.

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