A new Fortnite event leak reveals Black hole is returning in Season 5 after the end of upcoming Galactus event.

The First Black Hole blackout that occur in Fortnite was at the end of Chapter 1,
during that blackout the whole Fortnite community was stuck behind a black
hole loading screen.

During that Blackout situation, every player was thinking the exact same question
is the game going to die? well, it wasn’t the game returned to its normal form after
some days as a whole new chapter, Fortnite Chapter 2.

The current event that is going on is Galactus event in which players are gearing up
and fighting against there favourite marvel characters, however, the event is about
to end but surprisingly leakers have not given any spoilers until now but they are
slowly surfacing – and it looks like Fortnite Black hole Blackout is returning in Season 5.


This leak is pointed out by leaker FNLeaksAndInfo on Twitter mentioning it as a spoiler
so just in case, you do not want to spoil what is upcoming you should not read further
than this.

“Prepare for some more possible downtime after the event similar to the Black Hole event!,’” the Aussie dataminer tweeted. “To be continued! In Season 5!”

He finishes up his sentence with “To be continued” meaning there is more to this
story and he will reveal them at the right moment in future.

A coincidence or whatever you say is, the event end date and season end date
both are set for December 1, which is similar to the Fortnite Chapter 1 Black
Hole blackout event start date.

Other leakers also suggest that instead of ending on December 1 the event will
end on Thursday, December 3rd which is the traditional day for any Fortnite

However, we can only wait to see how much of this becomes true.

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