Spider-Man: Miles Morales is one of the biggest title to be released on PS5 prior to console release and here is everything we know so far about this new Spider-Man game.

During the Sony’s PS5 reveal event Insomniac Games revealed the
upcoming Spider Man sequel which is set to release during 2020 Holiday.

The reason behind this unique title is the main protagonist of the
game is going to be Miles Morales.

Spider-man made its debut on PS4 in 2018 and it was a hit, it was praised
by critics from all over the world, and players were eagerly waiting for the
next sequel of the game.

However, Insomniac Games have officially revealed the PS5 release of
new Spider-Man game and here is everything you need to know about Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales official Trailer

During the Sony’s PS5 reveal event, the developers revealed 100s of games
that will be available on PS5 prior to its release, although there is no solid
release date or price for the console but it is itself going to release during
Holiday 2020.

However, Spider-Man game developers gave fans a good look of the next
big title in the franchise in a one minute trailer.

Standalone game

There was no confirmation during the video game reveal in the event that
whether it is going to be a sequel of 2018 game or a standalone game.

However, to clear some air developers themselves takes on twitter to confirm the news that Spider-Man: Miles Morale wil be a standalone game.

Later on, Industry veteran Jason Schreier also confirms that the Spider-Man
will be a standalone game and it will follow the same release pattern as of
2017’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy which was a standalone story from UC4.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 Release date

At the time of writing this there is no confirmation on the exact Release date
of the game but Insomniac Games revealed that the game will launch in the
last three months of the year 2020 which fits perfectly in the release window
of the console itself.


From what we can understand from the trailer is Peter Parker passes away
the torch of saving city to Miles Morales.

We will update you with every bit of information that we can gather on the title and to stay updated connect with us on Twitter and YouTube.

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