Rapper and Twitch streamer Souljaboy was banned for 5 minutes on Twitch setting the record for the shortest ban on the platform.

The Rapper has been in notice since he began to stream on Twitch back in 2018, since then he has only created chaos in games like Among Us and calling out big streamers like DrLupo and TimTheTatman “sellouts” after they switched from Twitch to YouTube.

He has also been claimed as one of the sole reasons for the popularity of the platform and it became even more powerful after the Squid Game-inspired song.

However, on December 9, Souljaboy was Banned from Twitch for only 5 minutes.

The ban happened while he was live broadcasting on his channel, the ban was first brought to light by the StreamerBans Twitter account.

This sudden ban left everyone wondering what could be the reason for this ban.

Some of the fans even speculated that the rapper might soon create his own streaming platform.

According to Twitter user KoolKoori, Soulja was streaming sound samples while making his own music when the incident happened.

However, just after five minutes, Streamerbans account reported that the rapper has been unbanned.

And as soon as the unban news came out everyone started congratulating the rapper for creating a “world record unban” and that he’s the “first rapper to be unbanned on Twitch.”

However, this is not the first time that a big streamer has been unbanned quickly, back in 2019 TimTheTatman was unbanned in under 10 minutes which still makes Souljaboy’s ban the shortest ban on the platform by five minutes.

As of now there has been no word from the rapper on this situation.