GTA 6 leaks have been confirmed by GTA V in-game website, some of the websites feature shares the same settings as of GTA 6 ‘Project Americas’ leaks.

GTA 6 have a plethora of leaks surrounding its location, release date, map
etc. but none of them have official confirmation or anything, the new release
date leak suggests that the game will release in 2023.

However, despite having none official confirmation on the leaks players usually
find hints regarding the next title in the current popular GTA V and the same
is happening once again, apparently, a website was found in GTA V’s in-game
phone feature which lines up with the supposed Rockstar leak.

The leak was a part of ‘Project Americas’ leak shared on now deleted Reddit post,
a GTA tester was claiming that next title will revolve around two big cities, Vice
City and Boston-inspired Carcer City.

GTA 6 leaks confirmed?

The tester also claims that the protagonist will be “drug lord wannabe” living in
Vice city and now GTAVInewz has pointed out the website which confirms some
of earlier GTA 6 leaks.

The in-game website featured a short quote, which highlighted everyone’s need to “emulate a Vice City lifestyle,” similarly to the rumored GTA 6 character.

“This is from the Project Americas leak. It adds up with the GTA 5 website,” they tweet out the information with this quote claiming that Rockstar is trying to leave some hints about the upcoming title of the Franchise.

Some of the players are not satisfied with this teaser because in this
teaser they are referring to 1980s while the new leaks suggest much
more up-to-date story and new car models.

We can not say anything until there is an official announcement from
Rockstar game, in the past there has been a lot of denial on many
of the leaks.

However we will update you with any further information.

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