Skeleton horses are some of the rarest mob in Minecraft. They are undead creatures and found very rarely.

There is not a specific biome or anything to find them they usually found in thunderstorms or in rainy weather.

There is usually a skeleton above the skeleton horse you have to kill the skeleton carefully then after you can taim the horse with the help of a saddle.

Skeleton horses are same as other horses they are also a passive mob and don’t attack the player.

Their unique appearance makes them special and rare in the game. Their appearance is their body is full of bones and they don’t have skin on top of the bones.

These mobs don’t have skin so when you kill them they don’t drop an item like leather or meat they drop only bones which can be used as bone meal or can be used to taim other pets like wolves.


There is one difficult thing with these Skeleton horses that they don’t eat anything in Minecraft world so it’s difficult for the players to keep them alive or to prevent them from taking damage.

There is only one way to increase their health that is by using the splash potion of regeneration or instant health.

Because these mobs are undead there is no other way to regenerate their health or to feed them.

So it’s better to keep the splash potion with you when you want to ride them or to take them on a journey.

These mobs are very special in Minecraft many famous players don’t have a single horse in their world which makes the horse much more special and rare.

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