Cloud9 has kicked out Brandon Cole ‘Sixless’ Patterson from the organization after his hate comments towards Indian PUBGM players and Indian Gaming Community.

The Sixless controversy started 2 days ago when he posted some hate ‘comments’ stories on his Instagram tagging many professional Indian PUBG Mobile players including SouL Mortal.

It all started when the young PUBGM player had some exchange of words with one of the Indian Gaming community members on Twitter.

After which SouL Aman noticed the tweet and called him next IBE on stream – IBE also had some controversies with Indian PUBG mobile players in the past.

SouL Aman calls Sixless next IBE

However, later sixless reacted to this posting some controversial opinions on Instagram.

Sixless vs Indian Gaming Community Controversy

He targeted the whole Indian Gaming Community and not just one person, and IGC wasn’t in the mood to take it lightly.

“Indian honestly really dumb if y’all thought I was talking about you in my tweets. Get your heads out of your ass and stop having such a big ego” he said.

He continued, “Since all the Indians hate me already let me just tell alllllln of you the truth that all other regions think ok :)”.

“Sc0ut, Jonathan and Daljitsk are the only Indian players who can compete at a world level the rest of them just choke and can’t do anything.

After which he started ranting about the IGC.


He indirectly poked SouL and praised Fanatic and Entity.


He then talked a lot of trash about Indian Gaming Community being toxic and not supporting their Teams when they perform poor and spamming “noob” etc. in the comment section.

And then he started getting hate from the Indian Community and started to lose subscribers and followers as much of his audience is from India.

After a couple of hours and receiving a lot of hate from the gaming community he deleted all his Instagram stories.

Later he made clear that at first, he was talking about ‘Nepal’ teams, and not ‘Indians’. but it was very much late.

Cloud9 Officially kicked Sixless out from the organization

Clou9 has officially parted away from Sixless saying “Cloud9 has parted ways with Sixless due to behaviour which goes against our player and organization expectations and policies.

Well, Sixless got what he deserved but we must admit that Indian Gaming Community does have some issues like spamming Noob in the comment section when one team can’t play well in the tournament rather than encouraging them.

I might not be able to tell you well but K18 gaming has talked about this in brief in his vlog which you can check out here.

Topic starts at 7:00

K18 Gaming

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