SICO: Special Insurgency Counter Operations game is said to be one of the best alternatives for PUBG Mobile in India.

The multiplayer game was announced earlier in March, and along with the announcement the developers also released a trailer showcasing how the game’s going to be look like once it is released.

The game’s mechanics quickly caught eye of every PUBG Mobile fan who are eagerly waiting for the return of their favorite game.

Indian PUBG Mobile alternative SICO game first map

SICO has posted a gameplay video onto their channel showcasing one of the introduced maps – Vanam.

The video reveals multiple areas present on the map which players can access.

 Apart from Vanam – the gameplay trailer also reveals many other maps which include Warehouse, Mandapa and Parvata.

 And just like PUBG Mobile, SICO will also feature many different game modes that players can enjoy along with their friends. Here is a complete list of game modes:

  • Team Death Match
  • Free for all
  • Domination
  • Multiple Team Death Match
  • Gun Race

One of the big parts of the game’s success depends on what kind of weapons and characters are present in the game.

SICO developers have promised to bring the best weapons to the game. And they have released an official list of in-game characters on their official website.

  • Captain Shaurya Singh
  • Rudra
  • Ana
  • Shiv

The pre-registration of the game is undergoing on Google PlayStore and players can pre-register themselves by following the steps listed below.

Step 1: Visit the official pre-registration page of SICO on the Google Play Store.

Here is the link for the official page of SICO on Google Play Store: Click here

Step 2: Next, you need to tap on the “Pre-register” button, after which a dialogue box will pop up on your screen.

Step 3: Click on the “OK” option to complete the registration.

You can also tap on “Install When Available” if you desire to download SICO when it is made available.

That’s all for SICO right now but we will keep updating you with further news.

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